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The Huntington Beach continues to be one of the most exclusive and expensive in the country despite the recent economic downturn. According to a May 20, 2010 article from the Orange County Register, “Orange County has the 7th least affordable housing in the nation, according to the latest National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index. According to first-quarter data, Orange County had…An Housing Opportunity Index that translates to 35.1% of the new and existing homes sold being affordable to Orange County shoppers earning the local median income vs. 48.2% a year earlier.” The piece continued to say that “One reason affordability’s down is that costs are up. Median home price in Orange County was, by this math, of $410,000 – that is 13.9% vs. a year earlier.”

The average price of a Huntington Beach real estate rose in the month of April, according to a May 18, 2010 article from the OC Metro. This piece noted that “Orange County saw gains in its median home price and sales activity in April, compared to the same time last year, according to a new report from MDA DataQuick. The county’s median home price hit $430,000 last month up 13 percent from $380,000 in April 2009. But, the price dipped slightly from March, when the median reached $432,000.” The article by Kristen Schott went on to note that “Sales rose 11.6 percent in Orange County in April, compared to 2009. Buyers snapped up 2,669 homes in the period, up from about 2,391 at the same time last year. The number also rose slightly from March. In the larger Southern California region, sales fell for the first time in about two years, according to DataQuick.”

This apparent strength in the Huntington Beach and Orange County housing markets seems to exceed that of neighboring counties, according to a May 18, 2010 article from OCLNN. The piece by Mike Reicher said that “Orange County saw stronger gains in home sales and price compared to all other Southern California counties during April. The median home price in Orange County jumped 13.2 percent since April 2009, to $430,000, according to DataQuick, a San Diego-based real estate information service.”

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